Aspects To Consider Before Reusing Cosmetic Jars

Aspects To Consider Before Reusing Cosmetic Jars

There are many ways to reuse empty containers in your home. It all depends on the level of creativity and time you put into it. You could even turn it into a profitable business. Cosmetic jars are manufactured in different sizes and colors. Depending on these characteristics you could create something as simple as a handmade strawberry scented candle or a container to hold your favorite cookies. It is important that you decide carefully. Not all cosmetic jars are appropriate for all uses. For example, if they are made of clear glass, you won’t be able to store food for long. If they are made of violet glass, you will be able to store substances such as coffee, spices, oatmeal, etc., without fear of short or medium-term deterioration.

You should consider the color of the glass before making a decision

Incredible as it may seem, the color of the glass plays a fundamental role in the use you can make of cosmetic jars. Although it is very common to come across clear glass, there are other colors such as green, blue, brown and violet. The latter is known as Miron glass or violet glass and is the most protective for organic products. For example, if you would like your coffee to keep its flavor and aroma as the first day, use the cosmetic jars you have in violet color to store it. The violet color filters the light and prevents it from damaging the coffee. Other substances that you can store are oatmeal, chia, cookies, tea leaves, etc. If it is organic, violet glass is your best option.

Creativity will help you make the best use of your cosmetic jars

At the pet store they sell a type of “sand” that is colored. This sand is used to decorate aquariums. Imagine filling cosmetic jars with different colors and shapes to create a 360 degree landscape that you can enjoy just by turning it around. On the internet you can find ways to make wax with different scents. You can create a relaxing atmosphere at home. This is especially useful in those corners where you spend time reading or napping. You can even fill cosmetic jars with spreadable creams. There are many recipes on the Internet. As we said, you only have to take into consideration the size, shape and color. The uses are as diverse as your imagination allows. The best part is that since they are made of glass, you can reuse them over and over again without worrying about damaging them.

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