Some of the Ways Grease Recycling Helps the Environment

Some of the Ways Grease Recycling Helps the Environment

Recycling can start with any product on the list of recyclable materials, however, one of the most common issues of poor recycling is grease. The improper disposal of grease is so out of control many cities and states are spending lots of money to try to recover from annual damages. Grease recycling might sound insignificant, but there are several benefits to saving the grease we feel is a waste product. A few of the ways grease recycling is beneficial to the environment include making renewable energy, less cleanup efforts, and climate change prevention.

Making Renewable Energy

Cooking oil that we use in our kitchen can be turned into biodiesel and diesel fuel. This newly recycled fuel can power equipment for farming and public transportation. It can also power the diesel engines in trucks we see on the road. Lastly, this recycled oil can be a source of heating energy for our homes. We can all benefit from people who frequently use oil in the kitchen to cook. The oil we are referring to here is the oil used for frying some those delicious greasy meals. In order to find a place to recycle in your area just look up something like grease recycling va.

Lowering Cleanup Efforts

Cleanup efforts for the environment involve getting sewers unclogged and keeping pipes well maintained. Various cities are spending tons of money to get these sewers cleaned each year due to grease clogs. Cooking oil can damage the sewer system by hardening over time and blocking water flow. This can eventually cause sewage backups, stinky odors, and permanent sewer pipe damage. Improper grease disposal is not just an issue in our homes. There are various places that use oil such as hospitals, restaurants, and hotels. All of the grease that contributes to plumbing issues include vegetable oil, bacon grease, fish oil, pork fat, and chicken fat. Potential plumbing issues range from groundwater contamination to sewer backups and clogged plumbing in the facility of improper disposal.

Preventing Climate Change

Using recycled energy such as biodiesel drastically improves our air quality. There are no greenhouse gas emissions with biodiesel. Climate change is a real threat to future generations and using renewable energy is a good way to help prevent it. Biodiesel is less harmful, and it also costs less to produce which could bring a significant increase to our supply of clean fuel to burn.


Recycling our grease products are extremely helpful to the environment and our economy. Whether you’re at home, work, in travel, or at a public building, the grease that you use to cook has to travel somewhere. Instead of clogging up the cities we live in let’s consider the environment we are saving for our future relatives by taking the time to place the used grease in containers ready to be recycled. At your job or home try to take the initiative and be the start of better practices. If we all pitch, in we can make a real difference. Some of the way recycling grease can help include making renewable energy, reducing cleanup efforts, and preventing climate change.

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