7 Tips to improve your Lung capacity

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Lungs are the most important part of the human body. The main function of the lungs are to pump the oxygen and release the carbon dioxide from the blood. There is one pair of lungs is present in the chest of human body. When we breathe lung takes the oxygen and pass it to bodystream, which brings in to bodies cells and after it lungs throw out the carbon dioxide. It will happen thousands time a day. This is why we need to keep our lungs healthy. But due to the today’s environment, we are not getting fresh air to breathe and it is harmful for our lungs.

We can improve your lung capacity by adopting below tips:

Smoking: Smoking is the most common cause for lung cancer. Around 90% of lung cancer patient having the history of smoking. The smoke is dangerous for human lungs. It will irritate the lungs which result the cough and creating problem in breathing. The non smokers are also at risk of developing lung cancer as they are the second hand smokers. The smoke release by the smokers also affects the people’s around them. By quitting the smoking can improve your lung cancer.

Pollution: In today’s world, we can’s imagine the fresh air to breathe. The vehicles, factories polluting the environment the most. Most of the time, the outside air is not healthy to breathe. You can minimize your exposure to outdoor activities. You can skip your running, outdoor games as you need more oxygen after running and outdoor activities. You may also avoid exercising in outside your house when the air quality index is at dangerous level.

Breathing exercise: Breathing exercise will help you to improve your lung capacity. You may do more exercise so you need to breathe quickly which helps to improve your lung capacity. You may also try deep breathing. As regular exercise also improves your quality of life and also makes your lungs healthy. During exercise, the most important part of the body, heart and the lungs are in action mode, the lung brings the oxygen into the body and remove the carbon dioxide. The heart pumps the oxygen in muscles.

Laugh more: Laughing is the good exercise. It will keeps you healthy and fit. Laughing also increases the lungs capacity. Laughing clears your lungs by forcing more air. Healthy laughter provide you the longer exhalation. You already heard a proverb that laughter is the best medicines. It is a type of exercise. When you laugh more, you take more air and breathe out means your lungs are doing a exercise and you get more oxygen in blood and more blood carry to brain and your brain become healthier. You may also do laughing exercise in sessions so you may not infected with any disease.

Indoor air quality: You may improve your home or office indor air quality by installing air purifier. You spend more hours in your office or in home, so by installing the air purifier you can inhale fresh air and it will increase your lung capacity. You may also keep indoor air purifier plants like money plant in your home and in office. It will purifier the air around you. You may also use mask to cover your mouth and all dust will remain outside while breathing. Car air purifier are also available in the market, so you can use them in your car and you will get fresh air while driving. Now a days, many options are available to purifier the air around you and you can use them to take fresh air.

Plant more trees: Everyone must plant more trees as trees are the best option for improving the air quality as trees gives us the oxygen. This is the long term solution but when the plants grows and become the trees after 10-15 years then they will able to absorb the pollution. Now a days, the peoples are destroying the environment by cutting trees. This is the right time to plant more trees so in future you and your children will get fresh air. Trees absorb the pollutants gases like carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide and filter the particular matter(PM). If you find fresh air to breathe then your lungs will get fresh air and they become healthy and also increases their capacity.

Spend more time in sunlight: You must spend around 1 hour a day in sunlight as you will get the vitamin D. Vitamin D will reduce the inflammation and improve the lung health. Sunlight is very essential for the human body as it will gives you the energy and also the vitamin D. You may also take the vitamin D subsitute as it will help you to reduce the chances of COPD lung disease. Nature has given you everything and you only have to live close to the nature. The study also says that if the child spends more time in sunlight then they have the less chances of having any respiratory disease. It is also beneficial in asthma.

You need the oxygen to live. You can’t imagine your life without the oxygen but in today’s era, you are not getting fresh air to breathe and it will effect the life of your lungs and cause many diseases. You must think about the health of your lungs. You are ignoring the healthy of lungs and everyone is more crucial about their heart only. But the lungs also plays the most important part in your life. By giving extra care to your lungs, you will indirectly improving your quality of life. You may adopt the above mentioned tips to improve your lung health and strength your respiratory system. If you are not caring for your lungs you may infected with cough and which also leads to other diseases like asthama. Everyone must keep their body fit and healthy so you will live good and long life. You have to only spend 1-2 hours and manage your eating habit to make your body healthy.