The New Year’s Eve Celebration with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome was Spectacular

General Article

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome led his congregation in a magnificent celebration on New Year’s Eve December 31, 2017, with the promise that 2018 will be “supernatural.”

To set the proper mood, the evening began with uplifting music that reminded all of our responsibility to praise the Lord. The crowd lifted up their hands and sang out to praise his name. On that high note, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome came on the stage to encourage the congregation to give the shout out to the Lord with an enthusiastic glory and halleluiah.

The positive energy always increases when Pastor Chris enters a room and this celebration was no exception. It was electric. Pastor Chris reminded everyone of the successes that were achieved by the church during 2017. Plenty of new church members were welcomed to the congregation and the long-term strategy of the church to distribute the book entitled Rhapsody of Realities hit a new milestone. The book has been translated into 900 languages. Now, more than 1.3 billion copies have been distributed worldwide. This book has been an invaluable tool to help the church spread the word of God and promote the Glory of Christ to those all over the world who benefit from hearing the good news.

There were many other things that flourished during 2017. One was the Loveworld network and its efforts with Loveworld USA to bring the word of God to the world via radio, television, and on the Internet. This New Year’s Eve celebration was being broadcast live so many could watch the show at home on their television sets, or by connecting to the live streaming feed from the church’s website on the Internet to watch the broadcast on their computers or mobile devices.

The church is very proud of its efforts to help millions of children with its Inner-City Mission. The Healing School brings healing and hope for many thousands. Through the efforts of the International School of Ministry, thousands of new ministers received training.

Pastor Chris was so obviously encouraged by those who were witnessing the event and being part of the live broadcast. He said in his introduction that it was amazing that this was not a sports match or a concert but a gathering of those who want to hear the word of God. He led the crowd in a marvelous rendition of the song that has become the Believer’s Loveworld Incorporation anthem.

Pastor Chris said his heart was filled with the presence of the glory of Christ and with the hope that the souls of sinners can be saved. The pastor was making an obviously powerful connection with the Lord and inviting everyone present, as well as those watching the event, to join him.

As part of the celebration those who received Future African Leaders Awards were honored. These awards are given to young leaders that are making substantial positive changes in their communities. Naomi Ekpoki Aliyu was given the highest recognition, which she received with great excitement and humility. She fell to her knees in front of Pastor Chris, overwhelmed by the glory of God that is strongly flowing through her life.

Songs were then performed by Martin PK who sang Beautiful Jesus and Sinach who lead the congregation in a beautiful song as she was joined on stage by other pastors from the Christ Embassy along with Pastor Chris.

Pastor Chris ended the celebration with an uplifting prayer thanking God for his love, grace, and kindness. He asked everyone to get on the KingsChat system and send in the names of family members so that they can be prayed over to help them flourish in 2018. The celebration ended with a great deal of optimism for the coming year of 2018.