Package to Span: The Easy Delivery Deal Now


With this guide you can send packages abroad cheaply and efficiently. It is a list of the most important considerations you need to know before purchasing a package transport. Read about how to save money using the best deals, which companies you should use for each service and to whom you should issue your documents.

What is the transport of packages?

If you need to transport packages, ordinary postal mail or in greater quantity, it depends on the merchandise you want to transport. The characteristics of the transport of packages are that it only works with standard packages with specific dimensions and weight.

What Are The Commercial Terms For This Shipment?

The commercial terms define what part of the transport is covered in the transportation cost. The commercial terms are normally agreed between the buyer and the seller at the time of creating the commercial agreement. To send parcel to italy you need to know these.

To add transportation insurance, we need to know the value of your assets. For new products, this would be the supplier’s selling price. For used products, it would be an estimated replacement value.


This value should not include the cost of transportation or your potential profit in the shipment.

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For example, if you send packages abroad and decide to use a UPS courier service, the packages must be transported using a distribution system in which the packages are not larger than 68 kilos and 270 centimeters long. For the international couriers uk this is important now.

Which transportation company should I choose?

Depending on the type of transport you need, you can choose between different companies, which have different advantages that can be used. There are 5 main categories of transport companies for packages:

  • Global courier companies such
  • Postal services
  • Regional courier companies such as GLS, Bring or 3 × 34 Local
  • truck drivers Independent
  • package transport

Global courier companies have a very effective network that covers almost everyone, and they usually have the ability to keep track of their packages. Organizations are large and their products are usually standardized and automated, which limits their flexibility. If you send packages abroad, these companies are probably the best option since their services always include both door-to-door transportation and customs procedures at the entrance and exit. Find out more about how to get a good price on your package transport with transportation companies here.

The transport of packages

Postal services are normally local, but there is a strong network of post offices around the world. They usually offer reasonable services in a period of 5 to 10 days. However, you can only track your package at an additional cost and it is usually you who has to take the package to a center.

Regional courier companies have one or more warehouses in Italy and its neighboring countries. They work with a combination of private vehicles and partners and can send their packages globally. In this case, they have other global transport companies.