Don’t Confuse Weak Bones With Osteoporosis

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Bones, without any doubt offer complete support to our entire body. Hence, it is really essential to keep out bones healthy and strong. However, after a certain age, they start becoming weak due to various reasons such as too much of wear and tear, lack of healthy food, working out too much, deficiency in any nutrients, and more. Before 30 years of age, our body creates new bones at a faster rate. And after 30 years of age, there is more loss than gain. However, pain in the bones or weakness in bones should not be understood as osteoporosis.

What is osteoporosis? It is a disease which makes the bones weak and so there are higher chances of breakage. People having this disease often experience breaking of bones in wrist, spine, and hip area. Another common name of the disease is silent disease, that’s because there are no symptoms that can be noticed. A person will not know if he or she has the diseases until there is a fall, bump, or strain that can result in bone breakage. Some of the factors which may lead to this kind of disease include – intake of too much of medicines, too much or exercise or no exercise, or lack of nutrient rich food.

Can osteoporosis be prevented?

Although our bones become weaker as we age, however making certain good and healthy choices in our life can prevent the disease. Some of the important points to keep in mind in order to avoid the disease are:

  • Avoid smoking
  • Do not consume too much of alcohol and drugs
  • Try to have foods that are rich in vitamin D and calcium
  • Consult a doctor if you feel weakness in bones
  • Women will usually experience low bone density than the men. However, men should be equally aware of the condition.

Which exercises can help with osteoporosis?

If a patient has the condition of osteoporosis then there are certain exercises which can help in improving the posture, strengthening bones, and even improving the motion range. Some of them include – swimming, low impact aerobics, low stress yoga or light yoga, and Tai Chi. In addition to this, people having the disease should also make sure not to bend too much, not to twist spine, and not to lift anything that is heavy. However, light walking, stretching, and performing light household work can do no harm.

What are the tips to keep hones healthy and strong?

Let us check out some tips that can give you stronger and healthier bones. Make sure to follow them.

  1. Include more calcium-rich foods in your diet: Strong bones are always associated with calcium. Ensure your diet includes calcium-rich foods that help in development of bones and teeth. Some of the foods that you can have daily are milk, cheese, spinach, greens, and yogurt.
  2. Stop high intake of caffeine: Although there are certain benefits that come from caffeine, but it comes to bones, it is not good. When you have too much of beverages containing caffeine, they may interfere and absorb calcium. A lot of studies have shown that consuming two cups of caffeine-rich beverages can trigger bone loss faster.
  3. Include vitamin D in your diet: With calcium, do not forget vitamin D. Some of the foods that are rich with this nutrient are tuna, shrimp, sardines, cereals, eggs, and orange juices. Besides having these foods, one of the most simplest and natural ways to get vitamin D is by getting exposed to sun for about 10-15 minutes for a couple of days in a week. Many studies have proved that vitamin D helps to strengthen the bones. Therefore, old people usually experience weaker bones in cold days and so doctors recommend them to sit in the sun.
  4. Exercise is important: In order to keep health problems away, it is important to exercise every day. Adopt simple exercises such as running, jumping, skipping, walking, climbing stairs, and jogging which will keep your bones stronger and healthier. In addition to this, you can even try resistance training that improves the health of bones. And when you work out regularly, you will have balance, which will help you prevent from any falls.
  5. No more bad habits: Not only to keep your bones healthy but for overall good health, it is important to leave away unhealthy habits such as consumption of alcohol. If you cannot get rid of alcohol completely then try to reduce the amount of alcohol. For instance, two for men in a day, and one for women in a day. If you are a cigarette smoker then there can be no negotiation here, you have to eliminate it completely.

Make sure you keep the above five points in mind and you will have healthier and stronger bones, and can also prevent the condition of osteoporosis.