Don’t Confuse Weak Bones With Osteoporosis

Bones, without any doubt offer complete support to our entire body. Hence, it is really essential to keep out bones healthy and strong. However, after a certain age, they start becoming weak due to various reasons such as too much of wear and tear, lack of healthy food, working out too much, deficiency in any nutrients, and more. Before 30 years of age, our body creates new bones at a faster rate. And after 30 years of age, there is more loss than gain. However, pain in the bones or weakness in bones should not be understood as osteoporosis.

What is osteoporosis? It is a disease which makes the bones weak and so there are higher chances of breakage. People having this disease often experience breaking of bones in wrist, spine, and hip area. Another common name of the disease is silent disease, that’s because there are no symptoms … Read the rest

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