4 Must-Have Jewellery Pieces for a Date Night


Going on a date can mean different things to different people. Whatever the age is, it is definitely a chance to dress up. However, at no point, you should overdo it. It requires a subtle approach. Though the designs and styles may vary, there are a few accessories that are a must. Sometimes, you might need to drop a particular accessory depending on the kind of dress you are wearing. The style of jewellery will vary depending on whether your dressing style is western or traditional. However, irrespective of whether you opt for a traditional or modern look, you must have the below listed jewellery pieces for a date night:

1. Bracelet

A bracelet is essential for any occasion. The variety of bracelets available in the market is endless. A gold, pearl or diamond bracelet can add a hint of grace to any dress you wear.  It could be really delicate or it could be chunky. It could even be single or multiple layered. Whatever the design of the diamond bracelet or pearl bracelet is, it should enhance the look of your dress. Make sure that it does not clash with the rest of your look. If you are fond of wearing traditional Indian jewellery, the bracelet can be replaced by a pair of bangles.

2. Neck Chain

If you are wearing a low cut dress, a delicate chain and pendant can make your dress look very alluring. If the occasion demands, a graceful choker can be added to the ensemble. A heavier dress could demand a thicker necklace to make it a style statement. A necklace becomes unnecessary if the dress is well-embellished. With traditional clothes, keep the neckwear light as the dress itself is likely to be on the heavier side.

3. Earrings

Delicately hanging earrings will look good with any kind of dress. Hoops are also a very popular accessory to grace an evening date. The designers have produced such a wide range of designs to adorn the ears that a person is spoilt for choice. But, keep it light and it will be just right. With traditional clothes, the earrings can be varied with the dress, but dangling earrings would be the best option.

4. Rings

You cannot forget to adorn your fingers. One or more shiny rings on your hand will draw attention anytime. The beautiful varieties available will help you find what suits you best. Wear what you think looks good on your hand. Do not go for overloaded rings unless that is really your style. They just might take away the charm from the evening. If you can afford a diamond ring, it would be the best choice to make.  

If you are planning a date shortly down the lane, choose the right outfit and match it with the right set of jewelleries to complete your look and appear ravishingly beautiful on the special night.  With the above-mentioned list, you will most certainly have all that is needed to adorn yourself.