12 Effects of Psoriatic Arthritis on the Body

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Psoriatic arthritis develops in body when the immune system of the body attacks on healthy tissues by mistake mainly on joint and skins. Psoriatic arthritis mainly affects the persons who already having psoriasis. Joint pain and swelling are its main symptoms. They can develop in any part of the body like spine, fingerstip. There are no medical solutions is available till now. So the person affect from psoriatic arthritis can control the symptoms and prevent damaging the joints. Psoriatic arthritis is a chronic disease and it will gradually increase. These can affects the joint of the body. Persons feel pain in their joint and swollen. It is prove that the around 6-7% of humans are suffering from psoriatic arthritis.

Psoriatic arthritis affects on the body part, now we discuss the its effects on the body.

Fingers and Toes gets swollen: In psoriatic arthritis, the fingers and toes get swollen. The painful swollen on fingers and toes are the main symptom of psoriatic arthritis finds in every second infected person. All joints in fingers may get painful swollen. One side or both side of the fingers and toes may be swollen in psoriatic arthritis.

Changes in Nail: Changes in nail is also a sign of Psoriatic arthritis. Blood spot under the nails of the person indicates that the person may be having psoriatic arthritis as this is the major symptoms. Around 70-80% of the arthritis patients found blood spot under their nails which is also known as nails psoriasis.

Back Pain: Back pain is also a major symptom of psoriatic arthritis. When spine is affected by the psoriatic arthritis, patients may feel back pain many times a day. Mainly the patients having the pain in early morning or when they rest in one position for long time.

Immune system: Mainly Psoriatic arthritis develops in body when the immune system attacks on the healthy tissues mostly of joint and skins by mistake. The patients feel worse pain in their one or both sides of the joint, finger joint etc.

Heart attack: Psoriatic arthritis also affects on heart. It make the blood vessels thick or hard, so the blood circulation is effected and may cause to hart attacks. This is the most dangerous effect on the body as it may cause the death of the patient because the it will increase the blood pressure and leads to heart attacks and if the patient do not get treated on time they will loose their life.

Mental health: Psoriatic arthritis also makes the patients unstable. They loose their mental health too. Its not easy for the patients to live the diseases like psyrosis as they feel lots of pain in their joints, back pain, immune system also effects, and patients has to bear the treatment cost also with the pain. This will increase their stress level, and chances of effected with depression also increases. Doctor bills also increases the cost of the treatment and leads to depression.

Eye Health: Psoriatic arthritis also effects on eye health. This will increase the chances of uvetis-it causes inflammed in the eye. The percentage of getting uvetis in psoriate patient is very less. Only 5-6% of the psoriatic patients will also infected with uvetis. But if you do not take the treatment for uvetis, it will lead to vision loss. The psoriatic arthritis patients also have the other eye diseases like glucoma or cataract.

Brain effects: Psoriatic arthritis also effects on the brain. Research has prove that around 25-35% patients with psoriatic has also suffering with anxiety or from depression. Patients with anxiety and depression are easy to identify in crowd. So, the relatives, friends also make the distance from the patients and they have to live alone.

Weakness in knee: Psoriatic arthritis mainly attaks on joint pain. Knee is the prime victim of it. It’s makes very difficult for the patients to walk or do their daily life work as if they try to walk, they feel lots of pain as result they has to sit or lie down for most of the time which result the weight gain and the weight of the body first effects the knee and makes the patients feel tired.

Diabetes: Diabetes is also a most common symptom of psoriatic arthritis. Due to the psoriatic, the patients feel more pain in knee and they can’t do the exercise, daily walk, or physical exercise, which increases the chances of diabetes. Diabetes is also a serious disease for the human body as it will impact on kidney, heart by increasing the blood pressure, cholestrol levels.

Effects on lungs: The psoriatic arthritis also effects on lungs which is know as interstitial lung disease that creats several effects on body like Cough and breath shortness. Person may get tired, coughing and having problem in breath if they have psoriatic arthritis.

Effects on kidney: If you are having the psoriatic arthritis, then it may be the chances that you will also get infected by psoriasis, psoriasis also increases the chances of getting other chronic diseases realted to kidney.

It is already proved that having the psoriatic arthritis is more painful for the human body. You have to be very careful to prevent from it. Psoriatic arthritis is a chroni disease of joint pain. You can overcome with it if you starts the treatment in early stage. You have to do daily exercise, physical work so your body will be in working position because the psoriatic arthritis very painful when your body is in relaxing position for long hours. You will have more pain in early morning at the time of wake up because in sleep, your body will not having too much movement. You may also contact the doctor if you get the victim of the psoriatic arthritis. Psoriatic arthritis impose lots of stress, depression and financial burden on patient and also damage the personal/social life of the patient. Its also develops other chronic diseases in human’s body like, heart problem, diabetes, kidney problem etc. So you have to be very careful to prevent the psoriatic arthritis to live a long and healthy life.